Jon Snow. 50 Years Of Reporting On The Viruses That Changed Our World

I am from the UK so my go-to news source is Channel 4 News. Jon Snow, the legendary reporter has been delivering the news on this Channel for nearly 50 years.

A veteran of modern times, there is very little he hasn’t witnessed, which brings me to a very interesting show he recently presented on the viruses he has reported on throughout the last 50 years, and how they changed the world.

From Aids that continues to ravage Africa to the coronavirus presently infecting the world´s population, it’s a stark and startling watch when you consider the history of viruses as a whole. A reminder that most of these viruses originate from animals and humanity’s continual interference with the laws of nature.

What really surprised me was just how few infections and deaths came from similar viruses to the coronavirus (not counting Aids) and how serious the risk of future pandemics is. Even if we feel as if the worst of this pandemic is over, we have been warned that additional waves may hit. An important reminder not to become complacent to the need to protect ourselves and each other.

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