Canned Hunts. How 12,000 Lions Are Farmed As Easy Prey For Tourist Hunters.

Humans have long used and abused animals in the name of entertainment and sport. Indeed, trophy hunting is a sport that is still practised in most countries.

I guess we all have this idea of a hunter stalking their wild prey, risking life and limb, yet the reality is often different. Indeed, the practice of breeding animals as easy prey for hunters is on the rise, as recently highlighted in a book, Unfair Game: An Expose Of South Africa´s Captive-Bred Lion Industry by English philanthropist, Lord Michel Ashcroft.

Yes, majestic lions, the kings of the jungle, are being bred by the thousand to provide easy prey for tourist trophy hunters in South Africa in what are known as “canned hunts.” There are an estimated twelve thousand captive-bred lions in South Africa for this purpose. That’s four times the wild population out in the wilds of Africa.

“Canned hunts” are the cruel practice of breeding lions in captivity for trophy hunting. The lions are drugged, released into a contained area, and shot by a tourist who has paid thousands of pounds for an easy kill, all of which is no doubt captured on camera to share on Facebook or Instagram. Once shot, the remains of the lion are often exported for use in the Asian medicine market.

As I’m vegan for the animals, I am appalled by any type of hunting or abuse of animals. We breed animals for sensory pleasure all the time when we don’t need to. The idea of breeding animals for the sole purpose of providing a “thrill of the kill” really does highlight just how cruel a race we have become.

Humanity practices a form of “human privilege” where we have elevated ourselves, and our perceived needs and wants, as above the basic rights of other species. In turn, we continually abuse and use animals in the name of food, entertainment, and sport, causing harm and death to trillions of animals in the process.

Which is why we need to put an end to human privilege, once and for all. Let’s leave the animals and their natural habitat alone so that they can live in peace, free from the risk of harm.

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