Rising From The Ashes. A Woman With Vision Creates Tiny Living Village.

When Briony left her emotionally-abusive marriage in 2016, she realised quickly how few affordable housing options there were for women like her.

Living in rural Victoria, Australia meant her options were very limited. She moved five times over 18 months, each time somewhere cheaper until her last resort. She sold her meagre worldly possessions and bought a super trashy old caravan to live in. She describes the winter that followed as the worst winter of her life.

Three years later and she’s back on my feet, as she now owns her own tiny house, and is living her dream life off-grid in the bush with her two kids.

Her deepest wish is for other single mums and women leaving family violence to NOT go through what she went through.

They say it takes a village and they aren’t wrong! She lost so many friends during her marriage that she had virtually no support network to lean on when she left.

So, she dreamed up a housing village with a difference. Where a community of women can lean on each other during the healing process, and where crucial therapy services like counselling, social workers, and art therapists, are available on-site.

The goal? To give women a safe, secure, and healing “retreat” environment to help them become the best version of themselves, so they can take on life with optimism and excitement.


Phoenix Women’s Village is working with council, landholders, and support agencies to turn their vision into reality.

Briony has written a book, The Phoenix Project and she’ll be donating 100% of the profits to the village. She’d love for you to read her story and help her cause.

Visit the Phoenix Women’s Village on Facebook to help support all the women like Briony with nowhere to go. It would mean so much to Briony if you could invite your friends and family to her page so they can reach a wider audience and get that much closer to their goals.

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