UK Prime Minister Admits He Gets Off On Fox Hunting. Encourages Fox Hunters To Break The Law

It was a joyful day when the UK Parliament finally put an end to the barbaric sport of fox hunting back in February 2005.

A sport of the upper-classes, fox hunting epitomises the legacy of a country that has practised an extreme level of privilege of the few, both at home and abroad.

While many pro fox hunters argue that the sport is essential for pest control and conservation, the savage sport involves the tracking, chasing, and killing of a defenceless fox by hounds, followed by the hunt members on horseback.

This is not pest control. This is “thrill of the kill” trophy hunting, pure and simple.

Which is why it is so shocking to see an article written by Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, resurface where he admits he gets off on hunting and wants fox hunters to ignore the law.

The article was written back in 2005 for the Spectator, a publication he edited at the time while he was an MP within the Conservative party. In the article, he says that he “loved” hunting with dogs because of the “semi-sexual relations with the horse” and the “military-style pleasure” of moving as a unit.

He went on to say, “I loved my day with the hunt, and hope they have the courage and organisation to keep going forever. They are going out with the hounds this Saturday, and if the hounds pick up a fox, so be it.” He commented that the Police wouldn’t be able to prove the crime and encouraged the fox hunters to defy the Police, the Courts, and the Government.

I guess this is just another example of an upper-class privileged person abusing his position of power to encourage the savage and barbaric sport of his privileged peers to continue, even though the majority of British citizens oppose such a sport, and its ban was written into law.

Another example of how a patriarchal system continually abuses power, the people, and the planet.

We wonder why our world is in a mess, huh?

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