Guess Which Diet Solved My Menstrual Problems, Once & For All.

Like many women, I have spent the last thirty years suffering every month with cramps, mood fluctuations, accidents, and more at the hands of my menstrual cycle. As I prefer not to use a chemical pill to control my periods, allowing my body to function the natural way, it’s fair to say my time of the month hasn’t always been a comfortable time.

I was a lawyer until my mid-thirties, a job that required me to be in control at all times. Not on the second day of my period, my friends. I’d wake up to a note on my coffee cup to remind me to be kind to myself. That today wasn’t going to be a good day.

My work colleagues became fully acquainted with my alter-ego that made an appearance once a month, as I turned into an emotional wreck, sobbing at my desk, and unable to make any form of logical decision. Court appearances were a definite no-no for fear I’d throw the case. Indeed, I handed my notice in on a whim three times during my career on this day of my cycle, usually in an explosion of tears. One time, I berated my manager in front of the whole office for a small issue we had going on between us. I was fortunate that my boss at the time was female.

I’d wake up the next morning and cringe at the events of the day before. All would be forgotten, thankfully, as we laughed in the office the next day at Sam’s monthly meltdown.

On top of my mood swings, I had to deal with a heavy flow and cramps that would have me hunched over in pain for most of my seven-day cycle. Normal life would come to a grinding halt, as my social life and exercise activities were affected.

This was why I was in for a shock when I adopted a vegan diet in January 2019. I’m vegan for the animals, first and foremost, yet the health benefits of a vegan diet are well-documented. What surprised me the most was the positive change to my menstrual cycle that happened from my next period. The cramps, the moodiness, the tears, and heavy bleeding disappeared. Just like that. I went from experiencing a heavy seven-day cycle from hell to a four-day breeze through with a regular flow and zero cramps. Even better, my second-day mood swings vanished overnight.

I’m not the only one. Many female vegans will tell you that their monthly cycle changed for the better once they adopted a plant-based diet. Just another benefit of avoiding animal products.

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Samantha is a Writer, Earth Activist and Camino de Santiago guide. She inspires her tribe of women to grow wilder and bolder with her tales of adventures, lessons learnt along the way and general musings on life.
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