A Prayer For The Wild Of America. Their World Is Burning And They Have Nowhere To Go

As the world watches America burn, as unprecedented wildfires rage along the west coast, destroying 4.5 million acres as of Tuesday, we have witnessed an outpouring of thoughts and prayers for the people affected by this natural disaster. Homes have burnt to the ground, towns have been destroyed with residents across the US affected by smoke pollution, which has reached as far as Canada and Europe.

America, Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Yet there are forgotten casualties of the disaster. The wild animals of the woodland Their homes burnt to the ground.

When Australia’s bush burnt before our very eyes earlier this year, the world wept at the sight of koala bears and kangaroos perishing before our very eyes. Images of wildlife burnt to a crisp in a fire-ravaged landscape filled our television screens and Facebook newsfeeds, as people urged each other to donate to save the animals. Yes, wild animals harmed in the wildfires were treated and saved, where possible.

There are wild animals affected by the US wildfires, such as deer, elk, coyote and bears, that are fleeing out of the flames, as their natural habitat burns with nowhere to go. Worse still, there are slow-moving animals caught up in the fire without hope of escaping. The general advice is to leave the animals alone.

A search online reveals very few articles on the wildlife affected by the current wildfires in America. The legions of volunteers helping the animals are nowhere to be seen. No-one is asking for funds to save the animals. Our screens are filled with stories of smoke pollution affecting the city folk instead.

Which begs the question. America. Do you care about your wild animals?

Let’s remember and say a prayer for the wild of America. The forgotten animals, fleeing from the flames with nowhere to go.

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