F*ck The Patriarchy. We Can Work It Out.

In the last week alone, the world has borne witness to the absolute chaos of a country on the brink. The theatrics of the US politic system, a group of people that are meant to serve the people, has been too much to stomach.

The vitriol and hatred between the left and right have been apparent for so long, that it’s difficult to watch a nation of people spilt in two, slowly pull itself apart at the seams. Both sides are right, of course. There’s no middle ground. No-one is willing to sit at the jagged edge and talk it out.

The rift has grown deeper and deeper with every election that passes, like a festering wound with no chance of healing.

The antics of Donald Trump’s push for power under the guise of his coronavirus infection and almost immediate recovery was so brazen yet so dangerous. Even the mainstream media in the United Kingdom is questioning the timeline of his coronavirus diagnosis and treatment.

As America begins its final descent into absolute chaos, all I can say is this. F*ck the patriarchy. We can work this out.

The current status quo in America is no surprise to me. I’ve held my head in my hands for years at the state of the political landscape, both at home and abroad. You see, most other countries in the world are not defined by their political system. The people within these countries do not define themselves by their political allegiance. I would never ask a person in the UK who they voted for in order to make a judgement call on whether or not I could be friends with them. If your first thought to this statement is “but…” you’ve fallen into a game of divide and conquer that has been playing out in your country for years.

Most people around the world understand that governments are there to govern, i.e. control. The word itself means mind control in Latin. Which is why governments are a patriarchal system of control.


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It doesn’t matter which government is in power, their sole purpose is to govern you.

Which is why the rest of the world struggles to understand why the American people repeatedly play into a game of divide and conquer instead of remembering their common ground. I know, it’s clear that America does not have a common set of values, as many other countries have around the world. Yet, you are Americans, first and foremost, being played by a political system set up to divide you.

Which is why I’m hoping that the chaos in America is a sign of imminent change. The rift that divides you needs to be healed, not by politicians carrying the stench of power, but by being brave enough to sit on the jagged edge and talk it out with one another. Only then will change happen. Only then will the rift be healed.

So, to the Democrats and the Republicans. To the left and to the right. Remember who the enemy is, It is not one another. It’s the f*cking patriarchy.

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