Gabriele Dawe On Fighting The Patriarchy One Rainbow At A Time.

As a child, Gabriele Dawe watched his grandmother teach his sister how to embroider, but not him, as he was a boy.

As he grew to his adulthood, he questioned the gender roles that dictated gender-specific hobbies laid down by a patriarchal society. He decided to break the status quo by learning the skill himself.

In a recent interview with Modern Met, he explains that he started doing embroidery because he wanted to challenge the notions of masculinity that he grew up with while challenging the patriarchy in his own small way.

He goes on to say that one of the most important aspects of his world is the colour–which he uses to help subvert the world’s views of gender and identity–to allow people to express themselves as they really are. To him, tolerance is the embodiment of joy.

Let me tell you this. The world is a much better place for his pieces, which span large sections of art galleries around the world. It’s easy to see how his magical way of weaving all the colours into dream-like indoor rainbows inspire child-like wonder, as he fights the patriarchy–one rainbow at a time.

You can read Gabriele’s full interview with Modern Met here.

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