Joaquin Phoenix Says Eating Animals Is “So F*cked Up.” Here’s Why.

Joaquin Phoenix is one of the leading vegan activists of our time. Who could forget his acceptance speech at the Oscars? He used the platform as his own personal soapbox, reminding us of humanity’s cruel and inhumane treatment of cows and their calves, all at the hands of the dairy industry for a drop of milk in our morning cup of coffee.


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After that speech, even the most die-hard milk lover must have considered changing aisles in the store, to pick up a bottle of oat milk for their morning latte instead. For a second, that is, because we humans have a short term memory, and a lack of discipline for change.

Which is why I was glad to see Joaquin up on his soapbox, again, during a recent Vanity Fair interview, speaking the ugly truth that eating animals is “so f^cked up.” Why? Because it is.

He pointed out the obvious, again, that the continual abuse of animals for sensory pleasure in this day and age is the act of an unevolved population. Put it this way. If you are still eating meat, you’re on the wrong side of evolution.

That’s what the vegan movement is all about. The evolution of humanity away from consuming animal products for sensory pleasure. Why? Because we now have plant-based food available as an alternative. We no longer need to enslave, torture and kill innocent animals.

I know, my friends, There’s that age-old argument that we, as a species, have always consumed meat. There are plenty of human behaviours that have evolved and changed during our lifetime. Why should our approach to food be so different?

Worse still, I hear the excuse that God put these poor creatures on Earth for humans to feed on the flesh of their poor, innocent souls so often, it makes my nostrils flare. Doesn’t ring true anymore, does it? When you can pick up a cruelty-free alternative in a different aisle at your store?

So, don’t skip the vegan aisle on your next shopping trip, my friend. Why? Because eating animals really is totally f^cked up.

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