New Year’s War. Hundreds of Birds Die After Roman Firework Display.

Crowds chanting the final countdown until the clock strikes midnight, ending one circle around the sun to begin anew, is a scene that is played out around the world each year. New Year’s Eve to be precise and we all know that New Year’s Eve wouldn’t be a celebration without a firework or two.

Or would it? A disturbing video is doing the rounds on social media. A video where a street in Rome is filled with the corpses of hundreds of birds immediately after a firework display in the area to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

While it’s impossible to clarify the exact cause of death, the Italian branch of International Organisation for the Protection of Animals has referred to the ongoing issue as New Year’s War.

You see, they believe it is entirely possible that the use of fireworks in a leafy area where many birds nest is likely to have led to their untimely death. The birds are likely to have died from the shock. Indeed, it is entirely possible that the birds could have had heart attacks.

The reality is that Innocent birds died for a few minutes of human sensory pleasure. Indeed, as the owner of a furry companion who, like most dogs, is left in an anxious, hyperactive mess at the first sound of a firecracker, like many, I am fully aware of the harmful effects of fireworks on most animals.

I have long believed that fireworks should be banned for this reason alone. I´m not alone in this. There have been calls to ban the sale of fireworks by major animal right’s organisations through legislation to no avail.

The only solution is for the kind-hearted people of this world to vote with their feet by boycotting firework displays and to stop buying fireworks. It’s the only way, my friends. Then, and only then, will the animals be left in peace to enjoy living in the new year to come.

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Source Daily Mail 


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