Random Acts Of Kindness: Doctor Collects Flowers For Patients From Stranger’s Weddings.

I’m a big believer in acts of kindness, especially if they are random by their very nature, such as Eleanor Love’s act of devotion in collecting flowers for hospital patients.

Imagine the number of weddings that take place all over the world. Most weddings feature beautiful flower displays which are often left to wilt and die after the big day.

Instead, Eleanor saw the opportunity to prolong the flowers for a much better use. She attended random stranger’s weddings, with their permission of course, to take the blooms at the end of the day and distribute them to Hospitals in her local city of Richmond. As her reputation grew, she now collaborates with wedding planners beforehand to have the pick of the bunch.

Eleanor went on to found The Simple Sunflower which now has a team of volunteers who collect, repurpose and deliver fragrant bouquets to different hospitals in the area.

As at July 20, 2021, the team has delivered a total of 821 bouquets!

Eleanor is currently running a Go Fund Me Campaign for funds to apply for The Simple Sunflower to become a non-profit organisation to extend their random acts of kindness to other cities. Support her cause by visiting her site at The Simple Sunflower. 

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