Rod Coronada: This Is How You Hunt The Hunted. (Leave Those Guns Alone)

As a wild woman who would love to run with the wolves, I’ve long held a belief that any form of hunting is a barbaric sport, regardless of the multitude of reasons given by cowards with guns.

Which is why absolutely love Rod Coronada, the founder of Wolf Patrol. He hunts the hunters – not with a gun, as he lures poachers in with a taxidermied wolf and a camera in hand to capture footage. (see main picture).

He is based in Winsconsin where wolf hunting is still legal and the only state that allows the use of tracking dogs.

Rod recently captured footage from one of the worst wold massacres in history as 216 wolves were killed in just three days by hunters. He posted the captured footage to YouTube to bring awareness to this blood sport.

Barbarians, my friends. Block-thirsty, cowardly barbarians. I’m grateful for people like Rod who devote their time to bring to light such barbaric actions.

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