Save The Planet. Angelina Jolie Tackles The Bee Issue Head On.

Fearless and forthright, I’m not surprised to see Angelina Jolie tackle the bee issue “head on.”

In a recent photo shoot for the National Geographic, Angelina posed covered in bees for a striking visual image to bring awareness to World Bee Day and the urgent need to protect the species from extinction. Not for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure.

The initiative was held in collaboration with a UNESCO-Guerlain program that trains women as beekeepers to protect the bees’ natural habitats.

So, why did Angelina Jolie decide to undertake such a “stinging” photo opportunity. Angelina appreciates that bees are an indispensable to humanity’s ongoing survival.

Three out of four leading food crops for human consumption–and more than a third of agricultural land–depend on pollinators, according to the UN’s Food and Argriculture Organisation. From nuts, fruits and vegetables to alfalfa consumed by cows, and crops used for clothing and medicine, bees pollinate them all.

That’s before we get to honeybees, the little insects are responsible for the sweet nectar found on many a breakfast table.

Bees are currently under threat from parasites, pesticides, habitat loss and climate change. The UNESCO-Guerlain program is hoping to train an army of women to take care of bees so they continue to pollinate which is essential for our food supply.

Angelina Jolie was named “godmother” for Women for Bees, a five year program to train women to build 2.500 native beehives by 2025, safeguarding 125 million bees in the process. Hands on as always, she’ll continue to be involved as she’ll undergo training in beekeeping as well.

Let’s save the bees, my friends. Humanity’s food chain would be stung without these beautiful flying angels.

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