Stonehenge At Risk Due To Planned 1.9 Billion Tunnel On Sacred Site.

The prehistoric monument on Salisbury Plains, UK has captivated and enthralled visitors for over a millennia who visit Stonehenge to witness the sunrise and sunset over the the 100 massive upright boulders that cast shadows on the ground. The site remains sacred ground for many visitors during solstice, equinox and solar eclipse times.

The monument continues to puzzle historians as there are many theories as to why and how Stonehenge came into existence. Some believe the stone circle was erected as early as the 6th century as a ceremonial, burial site or a place of pilgrimage. Others believe that Celtic priests known as Druids used to gather at the circle on summer solstice. Many people believe that the location of the stones is an area where healing energy is readily available for all who visit. The site may have taken over 1500 years to erect!

Whatever the reason, Stonehenge has stood the test of time to become one of Britain’s most visited tourist destinations.

Which is why the news that the UN World Heritage Organisation is considering removing Stonehenge from the list of UN Protected Heritage Sites may have a devastating impact on the land around the site.

Chris Blanford of the UN World Heritage Organisation explained the British government’s lack of concern to protect British culture and history such as Stonehenge is to blame due to planned constructions of a 2 mile tunnel on the sacred ground.

Yet another example of convenience over conservation as many green areas of the UK are being torn apart by various constructions from railway lines to motorways.

Let’s hope that the stark warning issued by the UN World Heritage Organisation is a wake up call to the British Government to stop raping and pillaging sacred sites that should be protected.

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