#StopCambo. Activists Urge UK Government To Reject Plans For A New Oilfield. (And I’m Particularly Aggrieved.)

Only you, I thought to myself, as my first true love bounced back into my life twenty years after he took my cherry, so to speak, and ended our relationship a week later. Another ten years past until I found my inner lioness in the bedroom, I tell you!

Only because it’s you would I ever, ever contemplate getting involved with a guy who raped and pillaged Mother Earth as an engineer on an oil rig.

Anyone else and I would have given a short shrift and a few words about the environment before sauntering off in the other direction. (We’re talking nearly nine years ago, by the way.)

Yes, my first, sour love spent twenty years hunting me down and I couldn’t resist. Tales of woe and pain of losing me at a tender age and regretting it ever since. I’d love to say he was playing the casanova, but he wasn’t. He’d befriend over 100 other  females called Samantha Wilson before he finally found me on Facebook. What a tale in itself. An absolute mess of a relationship resumed.

Principles, you see. They matter. He would call me from his monthly imprisonment on the oil rig with woeful tales of destruction of Mother Earth. Of digging deep into the belly of her fertile soil while I gently reminded him of the damage oil companies caused to the environment.

I finally lost my rag when he rang to say the smell of the earth brought to the surface had made him vomit. The soil itself smelt of blood. I couldn’t stand it any longer. We ended in tears tempered with relief, of course and I made a promise that I would never get involved with another man whose principles were so out of alignment with my own.

Which is why I am particularly aggrieved with the news of the planned development of the Cambo Oilfield just off the coast of the stunning and remote Shetland Islands in Scotland, having first hand knowledge of the damage and the destruction that oilfields cause.

Here’s to the dreary part; Campaigners are arguing against the oilfield as it goes against the recommendations of the International Energy Agency which has called for no investment in new fossil field supply projects.

Me? My long-lost love’s stories of the bloody stench of the mud brought to the surface means I’ll happy travel by train, buy pre-loved items and use candles if I had to, to stop further carnage to Mother Earth.

#StopCambo, I say. It’s time to treat Mother Earth with respect.

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