We Can’t Blame Men For Climate Emissions.

A recent study conducted by researchers in Sweden has come to the conclusion that single men emit 18 per cent more greenhouse gases than women.

This conclusion was reached on the basis of economic trends: women tend to spend more on low-emission products such as healthcare, furnishings, and clothes while men tend to spend their money on products such as gas/petrol which is a high-emission product.

Research and studies like this one provide a completely misleading picture of which group of people are more at fault for carbon emissions. One is that the western world has a far higher carbon footprint than the rest of the world put together.

Don’t be fooled by studies such as this. The western world’s greed is at the root of carbon emissions, not western men.

Instead of looking to divide and conquer males and females, surely the answer is to point the finger of blame at the greed of the western world while other inhabitants of other continents such as Africa, South America or the poorer areas Midde East continue to live in abject poverty.

Put it this way. A family of four living in a tent refugee camp in Syria will have a far lower carbon footprint than a high-income family of four living in the USA or the UK. The inhabitants of the western world collectively splurge on household goods, cars, clothes, furnishings and other manner of things, Even in more well-to-do places outside the western world, the inhabitants do not collectively act in a similar manner.

Divide and conquer methods, like this study mislead the public, time and time again. In fact, they verge on being sexist. Bashing the males of society while praising women is not the answer. Studies like this one take the focus off the real cause. The greed of the western world and the need to stop over-consuming by spending money on items that are not needed. Less is more, my friends. Do your bit by lightening your carbon footprint.

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