Pink Is For Pollution In This Lagoon In Patagonia, Argentina.

I’ve often dreamed of horsing riding through the wilds of the mountains of Patagonia, Argentina. Barren land under a never-ending blue sky with the occasional lake or lagoon surrounded by stunning vistas to stop at and wonder.

Which is why I was a little surprised to read about a lagoon in the Chutbut in Patagonia, Argentina which has turned an unnatural shade of pink due to the dumping of toxic waste from a nearby factory.environmentalists in Argentina had turned a scarlet shade of red in anger at the effect!

The colour is caused by sodium sulfite, a chemical used to preserve prawns for export. This chemical is dumped into a river that runs directly into the lagoon.

The inhabitants of the area have complained of foul smells and pollution for years. Indeed, the lagoon has turned a toxic shade of pink once before. That little mention of the harm to wildlife but we can only guess the chemical has affect the fish and animals in and around the lagoon.

Organisations around the world have long held a lack of regard for the state of environment. From polluting our rivers and oceans, pumping the air full of toxic fumes or drilling into  earth. Corporate organisations have very little regard for the environment.

Let’s hope the company involved stops dumping toxic waste into the river that runs through. The lake may look pretty to the eye but nowhere near as stunning as water running crystal clear.

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