The Adventures Of A Wild Woman On The Camino De Santiago Book

In 2011, I made the biggest decision of my life.

I had a real “f*ck it” moment. Enough was finally enough. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Call it the mother of all endings.

Ruin. I let ruin be the making of me.

Overnight, I walked away from my 15-year career as a Lawyer and all the security that came with it. I left behind my homeland of England to begin again in Andalucia, Southern Spain.

Many say I was brave. Some say I was stupid. What do I think? I guess I was a little of both.

Brave or stupid, there was one thing I knew for sure: come what may, I was going to have an adventure. I was going to experience it all.

Where did my adventures lead? To a new life on the Camino de Santiago.

This is a collection of stories on taking a chance to follow my heart without a clear road map ahead.

A tale laced with the legendary Camino de Santiago spirit and finding the magical in the mundane in the simple life of a Pilgrim.

An adventure of blood, sweat and tears and the life lessons learned as I walked the French Way in 2016 and the Portuguese Way in 2018. Upon reaching Santiago, I experienced another f*ck it moment, as I turned my life upside down again to make the Camino my permanent reality,

A reminder of how life rewards the brave if we are willing to let go and live to follow our dreams.

Come and join me on my adventure of a lifetime, from ruin to the Camino de Santiago. Let’s wander The Way together as I share my tales with you.


The Adventures of A Wild Woman On The Camino De Santiago E-Book is now available!


The Adventures Of A Wild Woman On The Camino De Santiago is available as an e-book only. A paperback and hardback edition will be released later this summer.

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