The Adventures Of A Wild Woman In The Land Of Tagines & Teapots Book

Samantha has lived the life of a wild and free woman in Andalucia, Spain since leaving behind her legal career and homeland in the UK in 2011.

Yet there was another land that captured her imagination. Morocco. The desert land of tagines and teapots situated just over the Straits Of Gibraltar. A land so close yet with a culture so different that Samantha decided to explore the country solo for a whole three months in 2017.

How would a wild and free woman travelling solo fare in a country which is known for its hospitality yet where the female population are still suppressed and the men have a reputation for harassing female travellers?

Would this adventure be a journey too far?

In her book, Samantha shares her adventures and the life lessons learnt in the land of tagines and teapot. A rollercoaster journey in a country that never failed to surprise and astonish her yet left her with a hankering to return again and again.

The Adventures Of A Wild Woman In The Land Of Tagines & Teapots will release on the 15th October 2020 as an e-book.

Pre-order your copy at our special introductory price. Offer ends 7th August 2020.




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