Born To Roam

Were you born to roam and live the life of a Digital Nomad?

Would you like to share your stories in a travel blog?

Including how to use Social Media to build your tribe and engage your audience?

And monetize your wild experiences to make an income from your adventures?

Join Samantha Wilson on The Born To Roam E-Course – How To Create A Successful Travel Blog.

Samantha Wilson left her legal career to live a born to roam lifestyle.

She is now a Life Coach and Writer.  After living in Andalucia, Spain for seven years, she relocated to Porto, Portugal and leads Camino de Santiago Journeys

Samantha inspires her tribe of 100,000 followers to grow wilder and bolder.

Samantha created The Born To Roam E-Course to guide you to create a successful travel blog and monetize your adventures.

The Born To Roam E-Course is designed to guide you to create a successful travel blog with the option to monetize your website.  Over 6 parts, we´ll explore

  • So You Were Born To Roam? –  Introduction to the Travel Lifestyle, Travel Writing and Blogging
  • Your Brand – your Mission Statement and Unique Selling Point including how to present yourself to the world.
  • Getting Started – Everything you need to set up a website, social media, subscriber list and much more.
  • Be Creative – How to create appealing content and define your creative style.
  • Get Paid – How to monetize your blog through advertising, affiliate programs, sponsorship and/or your own products
  • Build Your Tribe – How to find your tribe of followers and engage your audience through all social media platforms including how to build a subscriber list and email marketing.

The  Born To Roam 6 Week Self-Study E-Course is delivered via email.

Each lesson is filled with helpful advice, tips and exercises to walk you through the process of creating a successful travel blog.

By the end of the E-Course, you´ll have all the tools and knowledge you need to make it happen.

To share your stories of adventure and make an income from your travels.

The Born To Roam E-Course is available now.

Final Enrollment Closes 3rd January 2020. Special 50% Discount
Sign Up Today And Save $50.00



We’ll be in touch within 24 hours to confirm your order.  Have any questions or need any help with your order?  Click here to contact me by email.

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