Free Your Wild

Have you followed the call to live a life of freedom?

Are you pursuing your dreams and living the life you always imagined?

Do you believe in yourself and your ability to create a life that you love?

What about your passions?  Are you fulfilling your purpose?

Do you wake up every day knowing that you are in command of your destiny and your future is entirely in your hands?


To be wild is to be free and your ultimate freedom is to create a life that you love.

To define your own wild. 

Your unique way of living.

Hello!  I’m Samantha and my passion and purpose are to help people just like you to FREE THEIR WILD!

I was a Lawyer for 15 years on a never-ending clock with a workaholic lifestyle.

I was slowly dying inside.

I felt deeply unhappy and stuck with the life choices that I’d made.

My creative life was non-existent and I’d lost my connection to my inner self.

I was suffering from a devastating case of apathy.

I wasted so many years going through the motions.

I know how it feels to be stuck, sick and tired with no idea how to get myself out of the rut.

Sound familiar?

But then I heard a whisper….Actually, it was more like a roar!

“you are meant for more than this” 

I woke up and followed the call to create the life that I love.

I changed my mindset to one of freedom.  I wanted to come alive again.

I got to work defining my version of freedom to create a life worth living.

I followed my passions to become a Life Coach and Writer.

I realized my ambition to live abroad.

I’m now living the life of my dreams in Andalucia, Spain and pursuing my love of adventure and travel.

I help people just like you to free their wild and follow their passions and purpose too.

I freed my wild and so can you.

“Never Let Anyone Define Your Wild.  You And Only You Know What You Need” – Samantha Wilson

You have your own unique talents, desires and needs.

No one else can define your wild because you and only you know what you need.

Which is why I created the Free Your Wild Program….

You’ve read my story and my version of freedom.  My story is an example of what can be achieved.

I want my message to be the wake-up call that you too are meant for more than this.

That you can follow your passions and create a life that you love.

I want to inspire and guide you on a journey to explore and define your version of freedom.

To open your mind to the possibility of what you really can achieve.

I want you to grow wilder and bolder in confidence and courage.

And it really doesn’t matter what your version of freedom is.

I will teach you how to bridge the gap between where you are now and the life you want to lead.

You’ll have the tools to go out and make your version of freedom a reality.

To create a life that you love.

Your freedom is priceless.

Free Your Wild is a Life Coaching Program designed to help you grow wilder and bolder.

To give you the confidence and courage to go on to create a life that you love.

The Free Your Wild Program takes you through six steps to freedom….

Module 1 introduces you to the Free Your Wild Program and a Freedom Mindset. We take a look at:

  • The Freedom Mindset
  • The Life You Want To Lead
  • Your Inner Creativity – How You Create Your Life
  • How To Reframe Your Life Story

Module 2 introduces you to Getting In Your Own Corner & Assertiveness. We cover:-

  • How To Overcome Burnout
  • Your Boundaries – Creating Space To Live
  • How To Improve Your Willpower & Drive
  • Finding Your Roar & Speaking Your Truth
  • Practical Assertiveness Tools

In Module 3, we reclaim your Wild Roots and deal with your fears once and for all. We cover:-

  • Strengthening Your Foundation (Safety & Security)
  • What Do You Stand For? Your Values & Beliefs
  • How To Overcome Limiting Thoughts, Beliefs & Conditioning
  • How To Deal With Your Fears Once And For All
  • How To Deal With Abundance Blocks
  • How To Improve Your Self-Confidence & Esteem
  • Why & How You Can Stop Listening To Other People’s Opinions

In Module 4, we ask your Inner Child to come out to play, rediscover your passions and purpose and how to increase your courage.  We cover:-

  • Reconnecting To Your Inner Child
  • Healing Emotional Wounds From The Past
  • How To Overcome Apathy
  • How Your Inner Child Is Linked To Your Passions & Purpose
  • Redefining Your Passions & Purpose In Your Adult Life
  • How To Increase Your Courage Levels To Create A LIfe That You Love

In Module 5, we connect with your Wild Spirit and gifts of Intuition & Imagination. We cover:-

  • Intuition As Your Spiritual GPS
  • How To Connect With & Trust Your Intuition
  • Why Imagination Is Freedom
  • How To  Use  Your Imagination To Improve Your Life
  • Defining Your Version Of Freedom

In Module 6, we work on making your version of freedom a reality!  We cover:-

  • Moving Forward – How To Plan Your Future
  • Creating A Vision Board
  • How To Set Realistic Goals
  • Life Tools To Help You Work Smarter
  • Preparing Your Free Your Wild Life Plan

So, what are the benefits of the Free Your Wild Program?

Let´s take a look

  • Explore & Define Your Version Of Freedom
  • Improve Your Self-Esteem & Inner Confidence
  • Take Back Your Self-Worth Into Your Own Hands
  • Overcome Your Fears
  • Knock Apathy On The Head
  • Relight  Your  Inner Passion & Purpose
  • Relearn How To Connect With Your Intuition & Imagination
  • Develop The Life Skills You Need to Create A Life That You Love
  • Break Free of Any Situations Or Circumstances Holding You Back

By the end of the program, you’ll have a Free Your Wild Plan to start creating a life that you love.

Free Your Wild is a 6 Month (module) Self-Study Program.

You’ll receive forever access to the Free Your Wild Course Materials

Each module contains 4 weekly lessons and each lesson will take you no more than 2 hours to complete.

You’ll need access to the Internet and writing/materials.

If you are stuck in a rut and ready to become the best version of you to create a life that you love, this is the program for you.

The Free Your Wild Program is designed to give you the tools, confidence and belief to be a trailblazer in any area of your life.

Whatever you want to change, the Free Your Wild Program will help you to explore your options.

By the end of the program, you’ll have a Free Your Wild Plan to start creating a life that you love.

And there’s no age limits to freeing your wild!

So Tell Me Again. What Will You Do With Your One Wild And Precious Life?  

Your FREEDOM is priceless!

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