6 Signs That You’ve Been Tamed.

It’s the dream, isn’t it?

To live a wild and free life. Most of us feel a yearning in our heart that is the call to the wild. To create a life of freedom. Who, deep down inside, doesn’t want to be free?

By freedom, I mean free from anything that isn’t in alignment with who you were truly born to be. Everybody’s version of freedom is different.

We call them pipes dreams, dandelion wishes and build sandcastles in the sky, hoping for a day when we just might realise our potential to create the life we’d always imagined we would live.

For most, this day never arrives.

Because we have been tamed, my friends. We live in a world that creates an illusion that we are here to pay our bills and die. That we should think ourselves lucky if we get a little bit of playtime in between.

We were born wild and tamed into a caged life when we are capable of so much more.

And the only way to grow wild is to really understand what it is to be tame…

1. You’ve Given Up On Your Idea Of Freedom

If you look back over your life, there may have been a time when you imagined a life that may be very different from the one that you are living now. When you had dreams and goals until life got in the way and knocked them out of you. It happens to us all.

Our dreams are created by our imagination. Imagination is freedom. You’ve got to dream it into being, my friends. You’ve got to keep believing.

If you have never allowed yourself to dream a new reality and imagine a different life, it’s never too late to begin.

2. Because You Accepted The Status Quo

As you gave up on your dreams and stopped using your imagination, you accepted the status quo of a tame life that we are encouraged to lead. The good news? You can break the status quo at any time but you’ve got to keep on dreaming and believing that you deserve more.

3. Because Your Fears Got The Better Of You

The cage that tames you is made entirely of fear. Every limiting thought you have. Every faulty belief about your abilities. All the conditioning that you have taken on that makes you doubt your self-worth. Your fears are the bars on the cage that stop you from being free. The truth? You may feel safe in your cage that is your comfort zone but you’re not free.

Just like a caged bird, unless you can stretch your wings and fly, you cannot be free.  A caged bird is not wild.

4. And You Let Other People Define You.

Every person is born wild and free. We are tamed through our interactions with others. We live in a world where it’s okay to throw our opinions around and judge other people. Where we live in fear of what other people think of us. So we try to fit in. Fit into a cage and we let other people define our reality. We seek the approval of others over our own happiness. We let other people define our wild.

5. Which Affects Your Self-Esteem & Confidence

To live a wild and free life takes confidence, good self-esteem and courage. If you are constantly afraid of the opinions of other people or need their permission to live, at some point along the line, your self-esteem and confidence have been affected by the outside world and the people around you. You have been tamed but you can break free, rebuild your self-worth and stop giving a damn what other people think.

6. Which Means You Don´t Believe You Deserve Better.

Once you accepted the status quo and climbed into the cage, every fear you have will come down to this. That you are not good enough. If you don’t believe you are good enough then you won’t believe you deserve better.

But you do.  You do deserve better.  You deserve to be wild and you deserve to be free.

(c) Samantha Wilson 2019.  All Rights Reserved

Samantha is a Life Coach and writer. She inspires her tribe of women to grow wilder and bolder with her tales of adventures, lessons learnt along the way and general musings on life.
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