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As a victim of childhood abuse, Samantha spent her early adulthood years struggling to deal with her childhood experiences, which left her with codependency issues and affected her one-to-one relationships.

Swinging between passive and aggressive behaviour, her life was incredibly chaotic, as she struggled to develop healthy boundaries. She became a workaholic to avoid dealing with her childhood experiences.

In 2011, she experienced severe burnout, a breakdown to breakthrough, as she left behind her legal career and life in the UK to begin anew in Andalucia, Spain.

In her book Find Your Roar: Feminine Assertiveness, Samantha shares her story of the journey that followed, as she confronted and overcame issues of codependency in her relationships by developing her feminine assertiveness skills.

She reclaimed her space and found her roar to create assertive ways of interacting and a life of freedom. She now uses her voice to benefit others as a writer and activist.

Her journey of transformation will inspire any female who struggles with passive or aggressive behaviour to develop their feminine assertiveness skills, find their roar, and assert their needs in their one-to-one relationships.

To go on to use their roar for the good of the pride that is humanity.

Take a sneak peek at Chapter 1-3 of Find Your Roar Feminine Assertiveness


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