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Women try to tame themselves, but the ones who feel and look the best, are the women who are growing wilder

In 2011, Samantha was a workaholic who hit rock bottom and faced ruin after experiencing burnout during her legal career. She chose to start living again and begin anew in Andalucia, Spain. After years of relying on external sources, such as work, shopping, food and alcohol to ease the pressure of living, life became her teacher and nature the cure, as she returned to a more natural way of living.

Her approach to living is greatly inspired by the natural world which benefits the mind, body and soul. During her travels around the world, she has come into contact with many different cultures and traditions that shaped her approach to growing wilder.

In her book, Samantha offers wisdom from her journey, as she shares the tales and stories behind her experiences of growing wilder. She explains the effects of living in a patriarchal society, how the beauty myth affects women, why apathy is on the rise, how important it is to heal past emotional wounds, and why adopting a back to nature approach is the antidote to living in today’s world. She covers her adopted approach of a return to a more natural way of living to guide you to grow wilder.



Growing Wilder: Awaken Your Wild Spirit is available as an e-book only.

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