I Turn My Face Towards The Sun. I Choose Life

I wrote a blog “Camino de Santiago.  This Is Home” where I shared a picture of the sunrise on the Portuguese Camino. It reminded me of a saying I have

“I turn my face towards the sun again because I choose life.”

This saying helps me if I feel stuck or I’m experiencing negative emotions or situations because how we live is a choice, my friends. A choice we make every day…

Do we choose to live or do we choose to just exist?

Do we live in love or do we live in fear?

Do we experience joy or do we feel hate?

Do we do what’s right for us or do we live to keep other people happy?

Do we live and let live or do we try to control other people?

Do we learn to forgive and forget or do we stay bitter and twisted?

Do we love ourselves or do we expect that love from others?

Do we choose to be wild or do we choose to be tame?

Do we chase our dreams or do we choose to let them go?

Do we turn our face towards the sun and shine or do we stay stuck in our shadows?

How we live really is a choice, I´ve learnt and I choose life.

I choose to turn my face towards the sun, again and again, no matter what life throws at me because life in the shadow is no life for me.

Do you choose life, my friends? Will you turn your face towards the sun and live?

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