Say No To Drama. Not My Monkey. Not My Show.

Drama doesn’t just walk into your life out of nowhere.  You either create it, invite it or you associate with people who love to bring it into your life. ~ Unknown

Not My Monkey. Not My Show is another mantra that I use to deal with the drama of life and all its challenges. This saying is a take on the polish words of wisdom “Not My Circus Not My Monkey”. Use this mantra when dealing with people who project their shadow side and try to create drama.

I am but one of seven billion individuals on this planet and each of us holds our own unique reality. For this reason, it could be said that there are seven billion individual worlds and no two worlds are the same. The reality of every individual is often distorted by the lens of experience, conditioning and thoughts all unique to the individual and every individual responds to life in their own way.

Through our interactions with others, our individual worlds often collide and not always in pleasant circumstances.

A simple way to see this is to imagine yourself walking along in your own little world. You accidentally bump into someone and two worlds quite literally collide. A reasonable response is to apologise and the other person says it’s okay, you both walk on and the two worlds separate. No drama.

Unfortunately, on this day, you have the misfortune of your world colliding with an angry individual. You immediately apologise but the person starts screaming “watch where you are going etc”. Your crime? You bumped into someone by accident and their response is out of proportion to your mistake. A drama show has been created.

Years ago, if I was in this position, I would have taken this personally. My ego would have risen up at the angry person. I would have given them a verbal slap and a taste of their own medicine. I would have been drawn into their show by their anger monkey and smack bang into drama. My peace completely destroyed.

These days, I would refuse to engage, satisfied that I had apologised and would walk away from the drama that they were creating. I would not engage with their anger monkey nor join their drama show, and in my thoughts, one simple saying “Not my monkey, not my show”.

You’ll find this method really works when dealing with any drama that is created through people projecting their shadow side whether you have made a mistake or not. I use this in every situation where an individual is projecting something at me that isn’t mine to own through emotional manipulation, fear-mongering or someone just trying to bring me down. Not my monkey. Not my show. No drama at the expense of my own peace and equilibrium. I stay in control of my feelings and don’t give my power away by reacting.

So if you have people in your life who like to throw their monkey at you in an attempt to draw you into their drama show, think Not My Monkey, Not My Show and walk on.  No more drama.

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