Mother Earth Has Spoken. It’s Time To Mend Our Ways.

At the beginning of 2020, like many, I posted a ton of quotes welcoming in the New Year, one of which was

“2020 smells like healing, transformation, blessings and success”

Little did we know that the healing of the planet and the transformation of humanity would be thrust upon us by a virus that has destabilised our world. With tens of thousands infected and thousands already killed by the coronavirus, humanity is facing a crisis of epic proportion. Our wicked ways have caught up with us. Mother Earth has clapped back and it’s time to mend our ways.

Our planet is commonly referred to as Mother Earth because she is our mother. She is responsible for sustaining all life on this planet, nurturing and sheltering us all. Everything we own is taken from her bounty. Everything we eat is grown on her fertile skin.

In return, we have treated her with disrespect. We pollute her waters with waste and use chemicals on her once abundant soil. We pump toxic fumes into the very air that we breathe and allow raging fires to burn her earth. We chop down her trees, the lungs of our planet, and pollute her oceans with single-use plastic.

We interfere with her vital ecosystems and abuse the animals that we should co-exist in harmony with. It is our treatment of innocent animals and interfering with nature that has led to the rise of every single epidemic and pandemic we have borne witness to in the last 100 hundred years; Aids, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and the Coronavirus to name a few.

Mother Earth has rumbled away in discomfort showing us how she has been poisoned and wounded by our ungrateful ways. Climate change and the effect on the environment has been apparent for too many years. Yet we’ve continued to ignore her time and time again.

Until now. Mother Earth has delivered a sharp clap back. The current crisis that we are facing can’t be ignored because it is affecting us all. It is so in your face that you couldn’t escape from the pandemic even if you tried

As the world shut down while we stayed home and self-isolated, normal life could not continue. As we come out into the world again, life has changed forever. The financial cost is unknown at present, but the effect on the economy will be harsh.

This crisis won’t ease up in days, weeks or months. It will take years to deal with the aftermath, with the risk of further pandemics to come.

So, what can humanity do? We can’t change the reality of the situation, that’s for sure. Crisis often comes before change and that’s what we must do, my friends.

We must change and transform if we are to weather this storm.

We must find the silver linings and see this as an opportunity to begin anew.

We have the opportunity to redefine our value system to create a fair and just society that takes care of one another, the planet and every animal on it.

For this to happen, we will need to put aside our greedy consumer habits that pollute our planet and take from Mother Earth’s limited bounty. Less will become more, whether we like it or not. We won’t have the same financial luxury we have experienced in the past.

We ought to question how we sustain ourselves in terms of food supplies, especially the breeding of animals to be slaughtered for our sensory pleasure. The abuse of animals caused this pandemic. Vegans prove that we don’t need to eat animals to survive. The world really needs to go vegan.

As the economy restricts and a recession is likely, many people will be on the poverty line, at risk of losing their livelihood and home. Payouts from the Government will help in the short term but this isn’t a long term solution unless we want to become a world reliant on the state. That’s codependency and nothing good comes from codependency. Many will have to adapt and find new ways of sustaining themselves.

Small businesses will suffer and many may face closure unless we make sure to shop locally.

We need to stand up to the big corporate monsters who put profit above the planet, creating most of the environmental problems and say, no more. This can be changed simply. Vote with your feet. Take your money elsewhere. Preferably small businesses who need you as their customers.

We are going to have to find new ways of communicating with each other from a place of compassion and kindness. Peace among us must reign if we are to survive and then thrive during this period. We can’t be at war with one another.

We will break as we rise into a new state of being. Our attitude towards the change that is being thrust upon us will determine how painful this will be.

Which is why I say we choose to see the silver lining and take this opportunity to mend our ways. So that we can restore Mother Earth to her former glory and help her to sustain us without causing further damage. To become a society that puts the planet over profit, peace above war, and compassion and kindness above personal gain.

The blessing and the success will follow, eventually, The evolution of humanity which will turn the world into a much better place. Alas, this won’t happen in 2020 but we can be on our way. If we begin now.

So, remember, with every choice you make from now on, Mother Earth has spoken a warning of epic proportion. It’s time to mend our ways.

(c) Samantha Wilson 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Samantha is a Life Coach and writer. She inspires her tribe of women to grow wilder and bolder with her tales of adventures, lessons learnt along the way and general musings on life.
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