We Don’t Inherit The Earth From Our Ancestors. We Borrow The Earth From Our Children.

For reasons unknown at the present time, the coronavirus that is sweeping the world is sparing our children. The most vulnerable of society; the elderly, the sick and the young, tend to be at most risk of viruses and illnesses that have affected our world in the past. While children can be infected, like healthy adults, the virus hasn’t claimed any children, as yet, unless there is an underlying condition.

As a parent, you must be breathing a big sigh of relief. Understandably so. No parent wants to risk the safety, health and well-being of our children, now or in the future. Caring for our children doesn’t stop when they reach the age of majority.

A prayer for all the mamas and papas out there who are still worrying about their children long after they leave the nest. It’s a lifelong labour of love, I’m sure you’ll agree?

Yet, even with this blessing, our children’s future is uncertain. Instead of taking our children, the coronavirus has highlighted a much bigger problem. The coronavirus is a symptom of humanity’s continual abuse of the environment and interfering with the laws of nature. The virus has brought our world to a grinding halt. There’s is no escaping the consequences, now or in the future.

The current state of our world means that our children will inherit a planet on her knees. Indeed, our children and their children may not have a planet to inherit, at all.

Our consumer ways in terms of the possession we own, the food we eat, and how we travel have ravaged our beautiful planet. The coronavirus needs to be a wake-up call to each and every one of us for this reason.

Our current adult population, as a collective, hasn’t taken the protection of our planet seriously. There are many individuals who do everything they can to protect the planet. I am one of them. But we are all in this together and, as a collective, it’s so important that we act like one, too.

We can no longer remain ignorant to the damage we are causing unless we want to endanger our children’s future.

We have a stark choice to make. Do we change our ways now, stop any further damage to our planet, and give our children a chance? Or do we continue on and wreck the planet, leaving our children to pick up the pieces?

Change of any kind isn’t easy, my friends, we all that know too well. The changes we need to make will literally take us out of our comfort zone if we are to create a better future for our children.

We’ll have to develop empathy, compassion and kindness to one another, the planet, and every living thing on it. We can’t expect our children to learn respect without our guidance. We need to teach them ourselves through example.

We will have to give up our excessive consumer ways, adopt a waste not, want not attitude, and learn how to mend and make do. We’ll have to champion products that are sustainable and cause little or no damage to the environment.

We’ll have to change our eating habits to reflect the need to sustain ourselves without causing harm to the planet. A vegan population would greatly benefit the earth at this time and future generations.

We’ll have to consider our carbon print, not just in the way we travel, but in the items we purchase, and the origin of the food we eat.

We’ll have to rally against our government to support these changes and stand up to the big corporate giants. They cause so much harm to our planet. They need to change their ways along with the rest of us.

We’ll have to return to a more natural way of living that is in sync with Mother Earth. A way of living that we will help her to regenerate the planet to sustain future generations.

If we don’t, our children and their children just might go the way of the dodo, and become an endangered or extinct species, too.

It will be a labour of love for our children, my friends, the changes we must make, but make them we must if we are to give our children a chance. Let’s not let the sun go down on our children’s future.

I don’t have children if you’re wondering. If I did, I would be fighting for their future. I’d be like a lioness protecting her cubs. I would do everything I could to ensure their future safety on this planet. No cost would be too high.

Instead, I will fight for your children. Will you fight for them too?

(c) Samantha Wilson 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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Samantha is a Life Coach and writer. She inspires her tribe of women to grow wilder and bolder with her tales of adventures, lessons learnt along the way and general musings on life.
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