Banksy Strikes Again. The Rise Of A Hero Culture.

Banksy has struck again, my friends, with a little piece in honour of the NHS nurses battling through the coronavirus crisis.

His latest piece, “Game Changer,” features a young boy discarding his superhero toys in favour of a model NHS nurse. Banksy donated the work to Southampton NHS Hospital to thank the staff for their hard work.

For those of you who aren’t from the UK, the NHS stands for National Health Service. Yes, we in the UK are blessed to have universal healthcare through which underpaid and overworked health staff provide a sterling service, especially during the current coronavirus crisis.

Banksy is an infamous British graffiti artist, or should I say, artists. Banksy´s legend and legacy have been built on a reputation for graffiti artwork that can only be described as a non-violent protest against social and political injustices. The legend of Banksy is all the more alluring because no-one knows who he or they are. I am a massive fan of his artwork and his way of protesting important social justice issues.

Banksy usually paints his works of art outside on random everyday buildings and walls, which makes his artwork all the more difficult to hoard and sell by traditional art collectors. Indeed, Banksy is a rebel with a cause, a mischief-maker intent on highlighting social issues while remaining above the need to sell his work. I guess he´s a bit of a hero, himself.

His latest piece, “Game Changer,” highlights an issue we are all facing. The need to support and value the real heroes of this world such as nurses and doctors, instead of worshipping celebrities and the very shallow culture that surrounds the world of the rich and famous.

I guess we are witnessing the rise of the true heroes of this world as idols for our children to look up to instead of a celebrity culture that teaches superficial values.

Let´s hope so. Let´s hope that another silver lining of the crisis is the fall of celebrity culture to be replaced by the rise of the everyday hero. That would be a gamer changer indeed!

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